If you would like to give one of our courses to the family, some friends or acquaintance, we will send a gift voucher with the post or alternatively the voucher is also available on the website; click on voucher and print. The recipient of the voucher can decide which course they would like and the date to book with Highwood Archery.

A voucher once paid is valid for any person who presents it and for any length of time.
If you would like to give someone a voucher, simply transfer the chosen amount of euros to the following account:

Robert de Vere Bennett
DKB bank
IBAN: DE81 1203 0000 1003 6083 02

To order a voucher, go to www.highwood-archery.com and select either VOUCHER or go direct to BOOKING and follow the directions. Select voucher in the booking procedure.
Next enter your complete contact details.
In the text field “Message” please enter the number of vouchers you require and the respective amount in euro.
Warning! If the address of the recipient differs from your own contact address, please enter this address likewise in the text field “Message”.

The voucher is also available as a
PDF to print if you wish to avoid postal delays.
Simply click on the image to open and print.
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Email: info@highwood-archery.com