What is Instinctive Archery

The terms “instinctive-, traditional-, or intuitive archery" are descriptions of shooting methods that employ only body awareness and the familiarity of the skills of archery. These skills are combined to guide the arrow to the target. We return to the roots and the fundamental methods of our ancestors. The shot becomes an instinctive and repeatable process, for this reason it is also termed intuitive. The archer has no further aids or devices such as a visor or technical additions to the bow.

Many people are fascinated by bows and arrows; to draw a bow and feel the stored energy and then to release the arrow and watch it racing to a target is an experience which one never forgets.

Interaction between deeply relaxed concentration and the sensitivity for the precise moment to release the arrow.

In these highly technical times we live in, it has become exceptional to experience and follow one’s instincts.
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